Blood Spear

Blood Spear is a unique ranged action-adventure student game in which you play as a demonic spear. Emerging from a deep slumber, you are thirsty for blood. Throw with precision to impale and defeat powerful foes inside grandiose environments where a long-coveted power lies.

Today we’re playing a game called Blood Spear!

I’m gonna play through the entire game because it’s very short. This game was a student project so they made a short kind of gameplay project here but
there may be a full fledged game coming out of this so let’s take a look what’s Blood Spear like. So first thing I’ll do is take a quick look at the settings I’m gonna up the gamma just a little bit, I adjusted everything else gamma brightness graphics we have motion blur which is great because I love turning that off depth of field all of your pretty basic stuff audio is pretty basic right.

Would you like to play Blood Spear?

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie


DEVELOPER: Blood Spear Dev

RELEASE DATE: 13 Aug, 2021