World of Warcraft Classic with a twist. Come see all the changes and fun that is Season of Mastery!

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What is Classic WoW: Season of Mastery

Blizzards New Classic Fresh Servers!!

No world buffs in raids, higher exp from quests, faster release schedule, boosting neffs, solo mage dungeons made almost impossible, Raid boss changes, just to short list some of what Season of mastery is bring to your MMO table.

Blizzard has put in some effort to bring challenging new early raids.  Although they have being very lacking with the update information and very poor with their lead time into when things are happening. 

We very much welcome the world buffs being removed from raids. But would like the cadence to be more then the 12 months they have allotted.  

Classic WOW SoM : Molten Core Updates!

Let us be your DBM as we slog through some of the changes (restored mechanics) that the bosses now have in Molten Core!

WoW: Season of Mastery Changes - Tier List & Discussion

The World of Warcraft: Season of Mastery has been announced! Is Blizzard saving WoW?! Some changes are good and some are HORRIBLE. Let’s talk about it. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, what do these changes mean for those who are planning to play?

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