Beyond Mankind: The Awakening

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening is an Action RPG taking place in a post-apocalyptic world. The game sports a mature and deep narrative, rich exploration, tense combat, and immersive RPG mechanics.

Today we’re looking at Beyond Mankind

Beyond Mankind is your first person fallout post-apocalyptic type of game and we’re gonna take a close look at this now. This is considered a demo version right before the release of the game I hope I get an opportunity to try the full game and go do a full review on it as well but we’re gonna talk about pros the suggestions and cons and final thoughts at the end of the video. But we’re going to start with the settings as we like to do here because it’s very very important that we take a look at the settings and see what’s what, what’s there, what’s missing all that good stuff.

Would you like to play Beyond Mankind?

GENRE: Action, Adventure, RPG


DEVELOPER: Brytenwalda

RELEASE DATE: 1 Sep, 2021