Risen Kingdom

Risen Kingdom is a real-time strategy game. Build and fortify your settlements to survive and push back armies of the undead.

Today we’re looking at a game called the Risen Kingdom.

This is a single player RTS which is what I prefer actually single player or co-op, I’m not a fan of multiplayer RTS’s it’s just not where I like to get my multiplayer from but this one was pretty cool I picked it up and I was like it looks interesting it’s like revolves a lot around defense like holding your ground, defending your keep, your village, stuff like that so one thing that I was a little disappointed about was the amount of content in the game it’s not too much but it’s challenging challenging enough that you’ll spend a good deal of time in.

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GENRE: Indie, Strategy


DEVELOPER: MyDreamForever, Tazdraperm

RELEASE DATE: 29 Feb, 2020