In Depth cover of the Assassin classes abilities and gameplay from Elyon CBT1. 

Watch video below for the full skill list.

The Assassin

Assassins, like the faintest breath, disappear from their enemies’ sight and reappear in a flash to expertly exploit their weaknesses. The only time when these natural-born killers come out of the shadows is when the fate of their enemies is sealed.

Elyon Assassin Gameplay

In the CBT1 patch of Elyon the Assassin is great at ranged or melee and rely heavily on evading as much as possible for defense AND offense, triggering abilities to deal damage efficiently while keeping them alive long enough to get the upperhand.

They have many abilities to dash to an enemy or appear behind an enemy for a super fast feel in combat. Weakening enemies health from range before choosing the right time to go deep and dump some combo points.