Tor Eternum

Explore the enigmatic Tor Eternum with up to 10 friends in this frenetic online co-op action RPG. Customize your character as you level up, explore the halls of the tower, and overcome billions of different procedurally generated bosses.

Today we’re looking at a game called Tor Eternum.

Tor Eternum is a 10 player online co-op, love that because you know co-op games usually limited to like three or four so it’s nice to see something a little
larger right, five different classes at launch and more to come, building character upgrades, unique gear, randomized stage bosses, all that good stuff and I’ve been playing it with members of my guild and it is a blast I’m telling you right now don’t let the graphics fool you, this game has a lot going for it and I
am really excited to share this.

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GENRE: Action, RPG


DEVELOPER: Sorcerous Gaming

RELEASE DATE: 1 Jan, 2022