Rogue Spirit

Rogue Spirit is a 3D rogue-lite action game with light stealth elements. Play as the Ghost of the Prince of the Kingdom of Midra, possess enemy characters and absorb their unique skills to fight the evil presence that has corrupted your land.

We’ll be taking a look at Rogue Spirit today

I played a bit of it, pretty fun game. I want you guys to take a look at it and at the end of the video we’re going to do pros, cons and final thoughts on the game so stick around for that and as always I’m always interested in your opinion on the games we cover. Let me know what you think about Rogue Spirit whether or not you’d pick this game up what you think about it you know any any feedback for the devs based off watching this video. Did you play it yourself ?
Interesting this is a demo they recommend playing Rogue Spirit with a controller I disagree I actually think mouse and keyboard works really well in fact I prefer it.

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GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie


DEVELOPER: Kids With Sticks

RELEASE DATE: 25 Aug 2021