Oathbound Gaming takes a look at Liberte’s demo during #SteamNextFest! Watch until the end for the Pros Vs. Cons Feedback! Liberte is an indie co-op, top-down, story driven, rogue-like game currently set to enter #SteamEarlyAccess in September 2021.

Today we’re looking at a game called liberte.

There’s an accent on the e, it’s called liberty I guess. So this is how the game launches straight up there’s no menu or anything this is the demo so we just get this dialogue. This is the demo so we assume there’s gonna be some stuff added, some menus added and such. When I get in the game this is the game right now it’s an indie game, there’s no option menu to change key binds or sounds or graphic options or anything like that and there’s no main menu it just kind of launches. I think that’s a rough first look but it’s just a demo they’re considering this alpha so we should see that change.

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GENRE: Action, Indie, RPG, Early Access


DEVELOPER: Superstatic