Teeth-clenching stealth, followed by hardcore gunplay for those not looking for a quiet way in. Intravenous will keep you at the edge of your seat regardless of how you play!

Today we’re taking a look at a game called Intravenous.

Intravenous is an isometric stealth-like game that takes great inspirations from games like splinter cell. We’re gonna get started here we’re gonna start with our options as we like to do, we’d like to see what we have here available. We have our resolution, we have our typical video settings nothing crazy, nothing over the top. One thing I found interesting was microphone settings and I said this is a single player game why does it have mic settings so I scrolled over this and it said you can use your microphone to create noise in game and bait enemies in. That’s pretty cool features optional! Game was not designed around it is there for you to have fun.

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GENRE: Action, Indie


DEVELOPER: Roman Glebenkov

RELEASE DATE: 27 Jul, 2021