Nigate Tale

Fight your way through a procedurally generated labyrinthic castle in this rogue-like dungeon crawler, set in a vibrant and colorful anime world. You’re lost in a spiritual realm, but powerful monster girls will help you get back home with new powers and weapons if you bring them the right presents!

Hey guys Greg here from Oathbound Gaming coming back at you with another game today it is called Nigate Tale I hope I’m not butchering the name of this game. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be pronounced negate the little clever spelling of it.

I’m going to take a first look at this game, it’s in early access it just released the day I’m recording it, today it is the 12th. So I’m recording it today the day it just came out to steam in an early access. It is not released so we’re gonna play it for the first time together I’m gonna see what it’s all about and then at the end of the video I’m gonna give you my overall feeling about the game.

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GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access


DEVELOPER: Hermit Games