Enter a world of steel, war, and magic to avenge the murder of your wizard master. Recruit and lead your army in hundred-unit clashes. Design, defend, and lay siege to fully destructible cities. Loot procedurally generated dungeons. The fate of an empire is in your hands.

Today we’re looking at a game called Empire of Ember. Empire of Ember is a game that’s not even out yet, not available for purchase. It is in a pre-alpha state and the devs were nice enough to give me a copy so I can take a look at it early and show you guys.

There’s one thing I really, really, really want to make clear. Like I said, this game’s in kind of like a pre-alpha state. There will be bugs. There will be performance issues. There will be load times that are longer than there will be when the game releases, so we don’t want to judge the game based off any sort of bugs we see or performance related issues, because it’s in such an early state of development. It’s going to be quite a while before this game releases and those things will most likely be fixed.

So what are we looking at today: we’re looking at the game itself, the gameplay features, the design direction where they want to go with this game, and what the game offers. What are the gameplay features?

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GENRE:  Action, Indie, RPG


DEVELOPER: Poleaxe Games LLC

RELEASE DATE: Summer 2021