Rune Knights is a cooperative action RPG focused on customization, crafting, and combat. Customize your character’s aesthetics, stats, and gameplay as you battle through procedurally generated and hand-crafted levels.

Welcome back to Oathbound Gaming! I am Greg, and today we’re doing something a little bit different.
I’m gonna be recording this live audio, webcam, gameplay, all that stuff, and I have Duckfat here, which you’ve probably seen him in in some previous videos, but Duckfat and I are gonna be playing Rune Knights!
But take a look at this! I was so impressed by the store page because you can dual-wield shields! You can also be a massive summoner which has a lot of units, and the gameplay kind of looks like it plays like, like almost like an action MMO.
So it looks really impressive! I have not played it at all.
All I did was launch it and create a character, which I’m going to show you. It’s got spin to win!

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GENRE: Action, Indie, RPG, Early Access


DEVELOPER: Superhero Games

RELEASE DATE: 1 Jun, 2021