Gladiator Guild Manager

Gladiator Guild Manager is a battle sim strategy about managing your gladiator team in an epic fantasy world. Build and run your own guild, hire and develop gladiators, figure out unique tactics, manage resources, conquer arenas and test your skills.

I don’t know I just love the opening song welcome back to Oathbound Gaming, today we’re taking a look at a game called Gladiator Guild Manager.

I played a little bit of it and I was pleasantly surprised by it, it’s different it’s, definitely quite unique for the for the steam world the steam community. I don’t know if there’s anything out there on steam that’s like this game and this is just the prologue. It is completely free to play so take a look at this maybe you you’re like oh I can get into this game at the end we’re gonna do a pros cons and final thoughts portion of the video.

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GENRE: Indie, Simulation, Strategy


DEVELOPER: Entertainment Forge

RELEASE DATE: October 2021